Restaurant That Banned Tips Gives All Gratuity To Charity And Pays Workers Competitive Wages

A new restaurant in San Antonio has a policy that's challenging the status quo and raising some eyebrows in the process. Its servers don't take home their tips -- not a single penny of them.

Oaks Crossing opened its doors last Friday and, with its unique methods of paying employees, became the first restaurant in San Antonio to embrace a no-tips policy while benefiting the greater good, KENS 5 News reported.

Although the restaurant's manager, Nick George, is "flattered and humbled" that customers are moved to leave a few dollars on their tables before leaving, he's currently discouraging them from doing so. But when gratuity is given (the restaurant had collected about $600 when KENS 5 News reported the story on Wednesday) the money is donated to a good cause. The first to benefit from Oaks Crossing's satisfied patrons is the local Parman Branch Library.

A restaurant spokesperson told the news source that instead of relying on tips, servers are compensated with a competitive wage.

"I think they need to put signs out or at least notify you, inform you somehow," one man told KENS 5 News after dining at Oaks Crossing, noting that customers still tip mostly because they're in the dark on the rule. Management said they're still trying to figure out the wording for signs that will inform diners of the policy, as the restaurant just opened recently.

Restaurant chain Waffle House recently drew similar attention for a company-wide tipping policy, but for all the wrong reasons. After a generous diner at one of the restaurant's locations in North Carolina gave a $1,000 tip to his server on Mother's Day, Waffle House management gave the tip back to the anonymous do-gooder. According to company policy, large tips charged on a credit card are automatically returned to the customer.

The story had a happy ending, however, when the patron caught wind of the story and returned to the restaurant to write a check for $1,000.

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